Data privacy statement

This info of the data privacy statement applies to the internet offer of TOBIS travel solutions on  

We are happy to welcome you at our homepage and thank you for your interest in our company, products and services. 

Data protection is a sign of quality at TOBIS. Protection of your personal data and keeping your personal rights is very important for us. We use and work with personal data, which is aquired during the visit of our website according to the legal regulations for the protection of personal data. Our website could include links to websites of other providers, for which this data privacy statement is not applicable. 

Aquisition and handling of personal data

If you are visiting our website, our web-server saves automatically technical data like the IP-address, info about the browser, the website and your klicks as well as date and time of your visit. However, these data can not be assigned to a specific person. We use the technical data exclusively to increase the attractiveness and usabilaty of our website and to detect technical problems at an early stage. 

Apart from that you can use almost our whole internet-offer without telling us about your personal data. According to the principle to avoid data, we just save personal data if they are necessary for your matter and if you gave them to us voluntarily. In this case we use your personal data in order to deal with your request, to grant you acces to special info/offers or services (e.g. catalog sending). 

Use and transfer of personal data and appropriation

We only use your personal data for the purposes we listed on this site for data protection reasons. Furthermore, personal data will only be obtained, processed and used if it is required and after a thorough assessment for preserving authorized business interests of TOBIS travel solutions.

We will hand over your personal data without your explicit agreement to our subsidiary companies and cooperation parties. However, we will not give them to third parties as well as not sell them for other industrial purposes. 

Information, change and deletion of your data 

According to the applicable law you can ask us everytime about our saved perzonalized data of you. If you do so we will send you an according answer. Please direct your request to our data security responsible (see beside). He is also responsible for deleting your data in case you want us to do so. 


In order to follow the preferences of our visitors and design our page well, we use cookies in our web- and some sub-sites. Cookies are not viruses and they are not dangerous for your computer. In fact, cookies are small data sets which are deposited on your server. The cookies are necessary for our server to recognize your server and therefore, they facilitate the navigation and usage of our website for you. You can individually adjust your browser in order to accept cookies generally or reject them, or even decide spontaneously in every individual case. You can read more about cookies in the categorie "help" in your browser. 

Security of your data 

In order to prevent you against manipulations, loss, damage or usage of unauthorized persons, we protect your data through technical and organizational instruments. Furthermore, our safety precautions are constantly controlled and improved with those instruments. 

Your contact concerning data security

If you have questions, suggestions or complaints concerning the usage of your personal data, please contact the responsible person for data security.