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Surfing, Volunteering & Yoga

With our specialized partner "SuddenRush" we organize camps, surf safaris, car- and boat trips worldwide for all levels. In groups or for individuals – from beginners to pros!

It is also no problem to arrange alternative programs for those travel partners who do not want to surf, so you can take your whole family with you. There is the possibility to do yoga or other plan B activities – in case of a missing swell. 

We offer selected surf trips in the following countries: 

UK | France | Spain | Portugal and Madeira | Italy | Greece | Switzerland | Austria | Egypt | Morocco | Cape Verde | Senegal | Madagascar | California | Florida | Hawaii | Guatemala | Nicaragua | Costa Rica | Panama | Guadeloupe | Tobago | Brazil | Peru | Chile | Philippines | Sri Lanka | Maldives | Indonesia | Australia | New Zealand and more… 



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