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TOBIS means agility, individuality and personal assistance around the clock - we are the perfect partner for your adventure!

Tobias „Tobi Traveldude“ Eder

Mastermind, heart and owner

For around 30 years Tobi is known as a well informed and expert travel agent. Everyone who knows him appreciates his “around the clock” guidance and all his tips and tricks for a perfect experience. His easy-going way of organizing makes him a unique travel dude. 

Background: Travel Agent
Hobbies: Travelling, winter sports, surfing, mountain biking
Travels: almost everywhere  - in more than 100 countries of the world

Contact: info[at]tobis[dot]at

Louisa Anger

Tobi's assistant

Louisa works at TOBIS since September 2019.

Hobbies: Travelling, Languages, Skiing, Yoga
Travels: 2 months Peru, 2 months Southeastasia, 2 months Caribbean, 1 month Tunesia

Contact: louisa[at]tobis[dot]at

How everything started..

Authenticity, individuality, sustainability, personality and reliability.

Tobias or Tobi, the owner and founder of TOBIS travel solutions, has been working in the tourism industry since 1987. Tobi started travelling very early – he was sweet 16 when he started his first trip overseas. After his education and studies in Vienna, Tobi worked in several forms of touristic companies: hotels and travel agencies, as a tour operator, tour guide or travel consultant as well as in the sector of event management.

Tobi realized his dream to become a travelling agent in the year 1999 with the foundation of TOBIS travel solutions. This was the creation of a new platform for ambitious travellers. All of Tobis team members are continuous travellers in order to understand and to fulfill the wishes and needs of clients as good as possible and for sure as smooth as possible. 

In a globalized world determined by impersonal call-centers and bad consultancy are these essential and core values at TOBIS travel solutions. 

Service is our main principle. Therefore, we try to answer all requests within 24 hours. In order to optimize flights, Tobi is checking all the IATA carriers as well as low-cost-carriers. Special prices can also be achieved through the co-operations with several tour organizers and hotels. 

What do we offer

We are unique!

From the surfboard to the snowboard, “Around the world”-tickets, guided adventure tours through the wild west of America, business and city trips, from honeymoon to spring break, incentives, event support (especially sport events) or tickets for sport- music- and lifestyle events – at TOBIS. Nothing is impossible! 

Of major priority for all team members is self-exploring and frequent travelling. Only someone who knows how challenging travelling can be is able to sell and support other travellers. Our clients appreciate the fast processing of requests and the realization of personalized travel plans. 

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As mentioned, the individual handling and travel planning of each client is of utmost importance. This distinguishes us from normal travel agencies. For this purpose TOBIS is offering an emergency-hotline. Call it in case of emergency and Tobi and his team will support you in your situation – whatever comes up! 

‘Small but powerful’ describes TOBIS in just three words. As a small business we use the advantages out of easy communication and close cooperation with several partners. Years of experience helped us to create a personal, flexible and healthy company.